"Wild": 4-13-2017 - 8-23-2021 - Wild was a high content Wolfdog that we were honored to have been entrusted with. He came from superb, purposefully bred, lines. He was super intelligent, exceedingly confident, and such a handsome fellow. He picked up on new commands quickly and we got to use him in demonstrations and media work as he grew! Unfortunately we lost Wild very suddenly at just 4.5 years of age. His impact on our lives, & the lives around us, was extremely large. You can still find more of Wild under #WildlingWanders on social media.

Tobasco's Hot & Spicy, CD, CGC, CA, PCD, BN

Here at DarkWood I own and train a few extraordinary dogs. This page is just to show off some of their accomplishments as well as tell you a bit about them. 


Pink Lady's Little Lemonade, RATI

"Hallu": 4-20-2022 - Hallu is a High Content Wolfdog that is actually the half-brother to Wild, our boy that we lost way too soon. Hallu is the sweetest soul who is growing up to be the most handsome boy. While very different from his half-brother in many ways, Hallu has taken to posing for photographs beautifully just like his predecessor. We are so grateful to have Hallu in our lives & look forward to seeing him mature into the being he is meant to be. You can see more of Hallu on social media by searching #HalluHikes!

"Lemon": 7-18-2005 - 5-2/2020 -  Lemon was my little foot warmer. She (#lemonthechihuahua on social media) was the top dog here at DarkWood. She took the role of "mentor" when teaching puppies to respect little dogs. She loved any type of treat and her favourite activity was sun bathing. Lemon has been in a music video for PBS and a Canine Extra in a movie!

DarkWood Dog Training, LLC

"Idgie": 8-23-2020 - Idgie is a Golden Retriever that joined our eclectic pack from Colorado! She is fun-loving & the cuddliest of creatures. She has exceedingly high food drive & she loves all things involving her humans. She is pure joy to work with & has been such an excellent addition to our team. Whether it's on the set, on the obedience field, or on the trail, Idgie is amazingly adaptable & ready for whatever is thrown her way! Search #IdgiePup on socials to see more.

DarkWood's Put It In Writing

​"Bird": 11-8-2022 - Bird is a longcoated chihuahua & our smallest pack member...in size only! We brought Bird home & she immediately filled the space with her bright & bold attitude. She's already begun her conformation career with both Beginner Puppy & Owner-Handled Group Placements. She lives for snacks & loves flirting with both people & other animals. Bird has also begun her media career, with both still photography & video work. We look forward to adding more performance titles to her name as well! You can find more Bird content under #Birdette on socials.

​​​DarkWood's Just a Bee Charmer, RN, RI, RA, CD, BN, BCAT, ACT1, ACT2J, RATI, CGC, NAJ

Ashland's I Finally Believe, CGC, RN, BN, CD, CAA, BCAT, RA, RE

Bandit's Let's Rob The Bank, VSWB

"Dude": 5-23-2016 - He is a Berger Picard and we are so so excited to have him! Dude (#DudeBerger on social media) is our hugger! He lives to be invited into your space and will hold on for as long as you let him. He's the best at teaching young dogs to respect boundaries & is an excellent trail buddy. 

"Whim": 5-29-2018 - Whim is an Ibizan Hound & by far the best retriever in the house. While she prefers staying home to road trips for the most part, she is fearless when it comes to keeping the backyard free of non-canid creatures. A quiet presence, she has a sweet soul & is so good at helping trainees get confidence to play with others. You can find her under #WhimDeer on socials!

"Hapax": 3-22-2023 - Hapax is our sweet spotty boy. He is a longhaired dalmatian who adores nothing more than sitting next to you, being in constant contact. When not cuddling, Hapax is thrilled to be working! He enjoys learning new things & will work for snacks just as easily as he works for praise. We look forward to getting him into the AKC Rally & Obedience rings soon!

The pups listed below have unfortunately crossed the rainbow bridge. We were so fortunate to have gotten to share our lives with them.

"Scully": 10-08-2014 - She is our Labrador and we are beyond thrilled to have her! Scully (#ScullyPup on social media) made her Rally & Obedience debut late April of 2015 and has completed her Canine Good Citizenship, Rally Novice, Rally Advanced, Rally Excellent, Beginner Novice, Coursing Ability, and Companion Dog titles! She is such a fun pup to trial, and judges always compliment her happy working attitude.

Meet the Crew!

Our Pack Beyond The Rainbow Bridge


Masq's Master Mind, CGC, BCAT

"Basco": 5/30/2007 - 1/17/2015 
By the time he was 9 months old he already had both his CGC and his CD! He was an amazing dog and I'm heartbroken that he was only with me for such a short time. He had 1 leg towards his P-CDX at the time of his passing and while we never got to finish that title, or go on to get others, I treasure every moment we spent together, in the ring and out. Basco loved the challenge of learning new behaviors for roles and loved the attention, too!