Masq's Master Mind

"Lemon": 7-18-2005 -  She is my little foot warmer. She (#lemonthechihuahua on social media) thinks she's the top dog here at DarkWood. She takes the role of "mentor" when teaching puppies to respect little dogs. She loves any type of treat and her favourite activity is sun bathing. Lemon has been in a music video for PBS and a Canine Extra in a movie!

Ashland's I Finally Believe, CGC, RN, BN, CD, CA, RA, RE

Pink Lady's Little Lemonade, RATI

Here at DarkWood I own and train a few extraordinary dogs. This page is just to show off some of their accomplishments as well as tell you a bit about them. 

"Scully": 10-08-2014 - She is our 2 year old Labrador and we are beyond thrilled to have her! Scully (#ScullyPup on social media) made her Rally & Obedience debut late April of 2015 and has already completed her Canine Good Citizenship, Rally Novice, Rally Advanced, Rally Excellent, Beginner Novice, Coursing Ability, and Companion Dog titles! She is such a fun pup to trial, and judges always compliment her happy working attitude.

DarkWood Dog Training, LLC

"Dude": 5-23-2016 - He is a Berger Picard and we are so so excited to have him! Dude's (#DudeBerger on social media) still a young pup learning the ways of the world but he's already got us wrapped around his not-so-little paws. He loves to cuddle, hike, and explore new places. Look for him in the AKC Obedience and Rally rings early 2017!

"Basco": 5/30/2007 - 1/17/2015 
By the time he was 9 months old he already had both his CGC and his CD! He was an amazing dog and I'm heartbroken that he was only with me for such a short time. He had 1 leg towards his P-CDX at the time of his passing and while we never got to finish that title, or go on to get others, I treasure every moment we spent together, in the ring and out. Basco loved the challenge of learning new behaviors for roles and loved the attention, too!

Meet the Crew!

Tobasco's Hot And Spicy, CGC, BN, P-CD, CD, CA

"Mum": 1-27-2016 - She is our future conformation/competitive obedience hopeful! Mum (#Mumentary on social media) is a happy-go-lucky girl with a calm & compliant attitude. She's happiest when she's playing with her buddy, Scully, and we look forward to many adventures with our two Labrador girls in the future!

Ashland's Keep It Secret - Keep It Safe, CGC, RN